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From the Ashes: Ensuring that Your Health IT Data is Secured & Easy to Recover

The Most Popular Recovery Plan Today (Via Leonid Manchenkov's blog)

“Expect the unexpected.”

It’s one of those oxymoronic idioms that have become so ingrained in our culture, it’s hard to determine its origins but it’s taken as a universal truth. Obviously, if you expect the unexpected, then it’s no longer unexpected; but it’s not meant to be a literal set of instructions. As we all know, expect the unexpected means to assume that things will go wrong, or to at least have some contingencies in case your plan doesn’t work out as you intended them. I was reminded of this phrase while reading this list of Top 5 EHR Adoption Barriers and came upon the last one:

Can the Networks Support the Data?
Today‚Äôs data explosion is driven by many industries, but healthcare records and imaging are fueling a big part of the growth. Healthcare providers are worried about the complex networking capabilities and their ability to handle the 24×7 influx of massive amounts of data and the disaster recovery plans needed to support that data. VARs play a pivotal role in the networking and disaster recovery markets, so smart VARs will use their knowledge to close the deal.

It was an interesting issue that I hadn’t spent much time thinking about. That’s not to say that we hadn’t taken all of this into account when designing our products, but I personally had never conceived that this would be an obstacle or imposing barrier to health facilities that want to adopt electronic health solutions. And that’s when I decided to look at our products to see how they fare if the unexpected happened and we needed to recover data.


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Use Your Words: The Importance of Structured Data

One of the uphill battles that mTuitive has faced over the years has been convincing people the value of structured data. Actually, to step back, the uphill battle has been defining structured data and then explaining its import to various medical facilities. Luckily, that battle is progressively easier as more studies are published on the strengths of synoptic reporting and as the term grows in popularity and familiarity. What was once a part of a sales pitch is quickly becoming unnecessary as people are getting much more comfortable with the idea of structured data and interested in how it can immediately help their organizations. A recent piece in California HealthCare Foundation’s Issue Brief does a great job of illuminating the various levels of data and why there’s not only a growing need but also a growing desire for employing these techniques in health facilities.

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Demo Video – How to Use Defaulted Reports in OpNote

Behold the latest video from mTuitive that demonstrates how users can utilize the default report option in OpNote to quickly generate postoperative reports for their most common procedures:

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