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Best Behavioral Study Ever?

Reddit alerted me to this excellent study conducted in Brockton, Massachusetts and published in the Fall 1974 volume of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis:

Be sure to check out the follow up study.

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A Little Levity for Friday Afternoon

Hey folks –

We’ve got some great material coming up on this blog in the coming weeks:

  • One of our consultants wrote an excellent article that should be showing up around the web next week
  • I’m currently working on a post about the latest batch of codes – CPT II (I call them the “Squeakquel”) – which are used to track various quality initiatives
  • There’s some big news coming next week that is very exciting…

But today, just a light moment of brief hilarity. Enjoy!

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Animated Differences Between Pathologists & Surgeons

(some language NSFW)

A video highlighting what Pathologists mean vs. what Surgeons mean when they’re talking about the same case:

How can we get both parties speaking the same language?

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